The 11 Most Profitable Online Business Models 2019

Online Business Model 2019

When choosing profitable online business models, we tend to think about the ones that generate the most money without looking at the high expenses that lie behind them. Knowing what business to undertake will not only depend on the benefits you can obtain.

It is clear that having a business is the best option (or at least a very good option). But if you’re looking to start a profitable online business to make money online, you have to know which Internet business models are best suited to your way of thinking and acting.

And once you are clear about the online business model that you are going to follow, you should choose good business ideas according to your aptitudes.

To consider a profitable online business, you should not only look at business ideas or be inspired by other successful online businesses, but these should meet certain requirements to be considered profitable online businesses:

  • That they be scalable internet business models. The increase in profits is not related to the increase in costs.
  • Replicable: That works for many users.
  • That they solve a demanded need.

On the internet you can find several options to make a profitable internet business. In addition, the internet has the advantage of allowing you to find profitable business models with little investment. So in today’s article I’m going to tell you which are the most profitable online businesses with their advantages and disadvantages and you will find many article like this in this blog.

At the end of the article you will see my conclusions and why I consider the first 5 less optimal points.

Profitable Online Business Models

01. The Virtual Franchises

Did you know that the world of franchises also has its online version? Well, it is and is one of the most profitable internet businesses by 2019.

As in any franchise, you will have to make an investment. But to be all through the internet and not need a physical establishment, has low investment costs for what are the franchises.

This makes the online version is currently the most profitable franchises.

The rules of operation are the same as with traditional franchises except that you will not need to buy or rent an establishment nor will it be necessary to hire employees.

You can also find many profitable businesses within the online franchises; from online real estate to marketing companies and online stores.

That said, the arrival of the internet and its constant evolution, makes virtual franchises a business with a future.

If you decide on virtual franchises as a profitable online business, it is important that before deciding on one, you inform yourself with the companies that interest you to negotiate and see what conditions and benefits they exhibit.


  • As you do not need physical establishment or employees, they are cheap franchises compared to a traditional franchise.
  • It continues to be a profitable online business model in times of crisis.


  • Although the investment costs are lower than in the physical franchises, they are still important
  • You must inform yourself before deciding on a franchise and how to choose the most suitable one for you

Here you can take a look at many profitable virtual franchises.

What kind of online franchises can I find?

There are many types of online franchises that you should take into account if you want to enter the world of business online. While it is true that there are many focused on digital marketing you can find profitable online franchises in more topics such as:

  • Online stores
  • Real estate agencies
  • Travel agency
  • Portals on a specific locality
  • Classified ad portals
  • And many more.

If something good have business online is that they adapt to virtually any subject. And as for digital franchises, it could not be otherwise.

2. Online Multilevel Business

The network of marketing or multilevel marketing is a profitable business model in hierarchical internet that consists of the sale of products or services and increase the profits creating your own network of distributors, which will report a commission for each product that they sell.

The initial investment in online multilevel business is usually low, but the benefits take time to arrive and will be according to the level of your skills as a seller and distributor collector.

Nowadays, this type of business over the Internet has become more popular since through web pages or blogs you can sell the products and get distributors at the same time.


  • Very low investment.
  • You can increase your income and even have passive income if you get a broad dealer network.


  • Escape the scams. In some cases you can find supposed profitable multilevel business models that promise low investment and abundant and immediate profits. Run away from these pyramid schemes where then you do not gain anything and the investment grows.
  • Takes time and effort to get results.
  • It depends a lot on your skills for sale and recruitment.
  • Not fast money.
  • Normally it is not enough to make an effort to sell the products, you will also need to attract more workers, which requires a lot of time.
3. Make Surveys

Earning money doing surveys online is a profitable business model focused on your free time and not to dedicate it full-time.

It is about conducting surveys of market studies of different web pages where you will receive a small benefit for each survey conducted.


  • Zero investment. You do not need to put money to complete the surveys.
  • It is very easy to make them. You do not need training.
  • Ideal to do in your free time.


  • The benefits per survey are very low, so you have to conduct many surveys to make it profitable.
  • It does not stop being profitable but it requires a lot of time and discipline if you want to obtain great benefits.
  • Scalability depends on your time so it is better to use this model exclusively in your free time.
4. PTC and Navigation Platforms

Same as in the previous point. This business model focuses on obtaining benefits by browsing certain pages or seeing advertisements.

It is not a business model that you can live with except in very specific cases, but even so it is still a profitable online business model if you use it in your spare time since it does not usually take long.


  • Zero investment.
  • Perfect to do in spare time.
  • You have enough websites that offer this alternative to earn money.


  • Do not expect to get rich with this business model. The benefits per ad or page view are very low.
  • The investment in time can be high if you want to get great results.
  • There are many platforms considered scam or that do not pay. Be very careful.
  • Normally you will need to get referrals to get some benefit.
My conclusion for points 3 and 4: Be very careful with these business models on the internet. If you want to get a small income in your spare time without investing anything these may be an option, but be careful when choosing the platforms. They are not usually a good option if you are looking for income with which to live.

We continue with the best profitable businesses online, so if you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for ways to earn extra money or get a job from home, read on.

5. Casino Games, Bets and Investing in the Financial Markets

Forex TradingAlthough they are completely different things, I have decided to include them in the same point because they are very similar in advantages and disadvantages.

Certainly they can be considered as the most profitable online business models but the risk is quite high.

Among these profitable businesses we can find people who live thanks to online poker portals, casinos, betting sites or investing in financial markets.

In fact we are in full boom of these types of online businesses and I am sure that you have ever encountered one of these types of pages. It is not difficult to find any advertisement for casinos or investment in forex or binary options.

If you want to opt for these profitable internet business models, I advise you to be prudent and invest money in training.


  • They are the most profitable internet businesses.
  • It does not have to carry a high risk if you know what you do (except in bets that is more random).
  • If you’re good, many platforms give away the first Euros to bet. So it can become one of the best profitable businesses on the internet without investment.
  • You can get to make a lot of fast money if you’re good.


  • It requires having a high knowledge either in casino games such as poker, or in investment.
  • The courses to have the right knowledge usually cost a lot of money and take a lot of time.
  • A bad game or investment can make you lose a lot of money.
6. Online Stores

online StoreWith the arrival of the crisis it is inevitable to see how some stores have closed. But as a counterpart to this, many other online stores have opened and that is that online purchases are booming.

The advantages of having an online store are many that not only make them a very profitable and scalable online business, but can be perfectly combined with a physical store. Turning online stores into very good online businesses that work.

Imagine having your online store where the establishment costs and the employees are zero. Well this is the case of this business idea online.


  • The investment is minimal thanks to the use of specialized platforms to create online stores or eCommerce such as the Woo-commerce plugin for WordPress or Prestashop.
  • Your customers will not be focused on a specific location as it is with a physical store. You will reach more customers.
  • It works very well with a physical store.
  • In addition, creating a blog where promoting articles increases conversions a lot.


  • You will have to send your items so you must add shipping costs to your expenses.
  • There is a very high competition. If you do not specialize your products or do not stand out for something, it will be more difficult to make it profitable.

If you like this idea, in this article you have a guide on how to create an online store with Shopify.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a profitable online business model that consists of selling products online without having them directly.

As if it were an online store, you take charge of the platform where to offer the products and promote them. Each time you place an order, you pass it on to the wholesaler and / or producer to distribute the merchandise to your customers.

With the dropshipping you become an intermediary between the client and the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Of course, you do not take the benefit of the entire product, but your benefit will be equal to the difference between the price of the product placed in your online store and the price of the product of the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Dropshipping is one of the most booming online businesses that are becoming more fashionable.


  • The investment is even lower than in online stores because you do not buy the product from suppliers and then sell it.
  • You only take care of the sales part, so the shipping and logistics is in charge of the distributors. You will only have to think about what to sell online.
  • Pretty scalable.
  • If you select the products and distributors well, you will have a very profitable online business.


  • You do not have control of the entire process. This is an advantage but also an inconvenience since if there is an error in a shipment or some other problem you will not have control.
  • You will be responsible for the client. If there is an error you will have to face it and solve it with the client and the wholesaler or manufacturer.
  • If you make a bad choice of products or wholesalers, you will have many problems with customers and profitability will be reduced.
8. Affiliate Programs

Amazon AffiliatesAnd if we curl a little more the curl we find affiliate marketing. One of the profitable businesses from home on the internet where you do not need to offer anything of yours. This system is one of my favorites and consists of charging commissions for each product or service you sell from third parties. As you can see this is highly scalable since you only have to focus on promoting these products or services.The production and distribution is for third parties.

It is one of the most profitable online business models because it does not cost you and you can promote many products of any theme.

Of course, in order to set up an online business of this kind, you will need a web page, a blog or an online store.

A simple example of this business model would be to create an online store offering products from Amazon with its affiliate program. For each sale from a link from your website, you will get a commission.

If you are a newbie and you are looking for easy and profitable businesses online, this could be a good role model.


  • Very scalable and replicable.
  • You do not have any kind of expenses; neither production, logistics, or after-sales … nothing at all.
  • Profitable investment that also allows automating the sales process.
  • Commissions are usually high.
  • Very useful to combine with other business models on the internet.
  • Highly recommended to start in the world of profitable online business.


  • To get great benefits you will need a good amount of web traffic.
  • You have to know how to promote the product or service, you will have to make a good review and build trust with your readers.

It is one of the best businesses online since you can combine it with another model and is very easy to implement for bloggers and online stores.

9. Advertising

Advertising is everywhere, so why not take advantage of it?

This Internet business model is very broad and can be applied practically to any platform that you can think of.

In fact, it is one of the most used options for those who decide to create a free blog despite the limitations it has. The return that they obtain in this way is insignificant since, as you will see in the inconveniences, you will need a lot of web traffic to be really profitable.

Your income will come from every click or every thousand impressions of an ad on your web page or blog.

The examples where online advertising is most often used as a profitable internet business model are:

  • Youtube channels with many visualizations and subscribers.
  • Blogs and recognized websites with thousands of visits per day.
  • Niche web pages with direct advertising of products and services of its theme.


  • Very scalable
  • It is easily integrated in any platform.
  • This is an online business model without investment.
  • can be easily combined with other business models.


  • You need to have a very high web traffic to have decent income.
  • You have to know how to place the ads in the right places. Not all ad placements have the same CTR (Click Ratio).
  • Most people know how to detect ads and do not usually click on them.
  • It is very convenient to have knowledge in SEO to know how to position your website and get more visits.
10. Sale of Products and / or Services

If you are a company or an independent professional that wants to make a living with a profitable internet business, this option is yours.

It basically consists of selling your products or services through a website or blog. It is not necessary to have an online store (it will depend on the quantity of products you sell).

Having a website with a blog is the ideal way to reach your customers and the products or services are the same as you can offer with a traditional business.


  • It does not differ so much from the traditional business model so if you are new you will not be slow to adapt.
  • It is perfectly combined with a traditional business that wants to attract more customers.


  • It is not highly scalable. The time and costs of carrying out the product and / or service do not vary
  • If you do not work with your company’s brand or personal brand, you will not have visitors or customers.
  • It takes a long period for it to start giving results.
11. The Info Products

A variant to the previous point where the products are not something physical, but are digital so the costs are much lower.

An info product is any digital product that you can sell repeatedly on your website or blog.

It is one of my favorite profitable business systems on the internet because you can practically make info products of whatever you want and sales are fully scalable and automatable.

Examples of info product are Ebooks, PDF guides, video courses, sell software, applications …


  • Scalable, replicable and automatable. An info product can be sold many times in a fully automatic way without being in front of the computer.
  • You will not waste your time and money on doing the same info producto again.
  • You can create your own affiliate program for others to promote your info product.
  • It can be implemented with any other business model over the internet.


  • You need a lot of work and effort to make a good info product.
  • You must know how to sell it or contact the right people to promote it.

Conclusions to start profitable online business in 2019

If you have come this far it is clear that you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

So if your goal is to start a business and work from home online you can see that there are different profitable online business models that can perfectly adapt to your goals and abilities. You should only choose the profitable business ideas that best suit you and the market situation.

In addition, with these 11 business models online you have seen that, although some are more profitable than others, the internet practically allows us to combine many of these models.

The Internet gives us business opportunities that have never been seen in history before. Virtually now, anyone can create an online business online by following any of these profitable business models from home and making money. And many of them with a really low investment.

As I said at the beginning of the article, the online business models that I have numbered from 1 to 5 are less advisable from my point of view for various reasons: initial investment, high risk, possibility of fraud, etc. You can use them to have an extra per month but it will not be a business that you can dedicate to earn money online and live on it.

But if you know how to choose the best business models online, the chances of success will be far higher than that of a traditional business. And much more even if you combine it with marketing promotions in social networks.

In my case, combining some of these businesses online is the best way to develop profitable online businesses such as Blogger Online Marketing and Web Designer with WordPress. What I recommend:

  • Sale of services.
  • Membership.
  • Advertising.
  • Infoproducts

And you? Are you looking for business opportunities? Are you still thinking profitable business ideas online or do you already have a role model?

Tell me in the comments.


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